In the inaugural episode of Call With Dads, your hosts E.A. Maynard and Mr. Pancake delve into the captivating journey of fatherhood. Sharing their personal backgrounds and experiences, Eric and Mr. Pancake take listeners on a heartfelt exploration of what it truly means to be a dad. They start off this journey with insights of their lives and what started

Join E.A. Maynard and Mr. Pancake as they embark on a mission to build a vibrant community of fathers. This episode lays the foundation for an engaging series that promises laughter, insights, and the unwavering camaraderie of two dads who’ve been through it a lot. Whether you’re a seasoned parent or about to take your first steps into fatherhood, Call With Dads is your new go-to source for stories that resonate and advice that empowers.


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