In this interview E. A. Maynard and guest Alec from Fatherhood Reforged discuss their experiences and philosophies around homeschooling as fathers. Alec explains how his family’s journey into homeschooling began during a move to Toronto, where his wife discovered her passion for educating their children full-time, creating an empowering family dynamic. They talk about the importance of fathers being intentional and active participants in their children’s education, emphasizing that homeschooling is an extension of parenting that fosters closer family bonds, independent learning, and the passing down of family values and legacy. They also address common concerns and misconceptions about homeschooling, aiming to empower more dads to consider and embrace this educational approach. Additionally, Alec shares insights into his “Dad’s Schooling” Discord community, which provides a supportive space for dads to share resources, advice, and encouragement

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