In this insightful podcast episode, E.A. Maynard, Mr. Pancake, and Daddy Divorcee discuss their personal experiences with divorce and its impact on children. They share common backgrounds of growing up in divorced families and reflect on how these experiences shape their approach to co-parenting. The conversation delves into the importance of maintaining a cooperative relationship with ex-spouses for the sake of their kids’ emotional well-being. Daddy Divorcee emphasizes that while divorce inevitably disrupts the family unit, ensuring a stable, communicative environment can mitigate the trauma for children. The hosts also touch on the challenges of transitioning to post-divorce life, including logistical coordination and financial adjustments, while stressing the value of a positive co-parenting relationship. This episode offers a candid, relatable perspective on navigating fatherhood and co-parenting amidst the trials of divorce.

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